charger (Plural: chargers)

  1. A device that charges or recharges.
    Put the battery in the charger overnight so we can use them tomorrow.
  2. A large horse trained for battle and used by the cavalry. They were of a lighter build than a destrier
    The knight rode a white charger.
  3. A large platter.
    The fancy restaurant used a white porcelain charger when serving.
  4. One who charges.

7 letters in word "charger": A C E G H R R.

No anagrams for charger found in this word list.

Words found within charger:

ace acer ach ache acre ae ag age ager ah ar arc arch archer are areg cage cager car care carer carr ch cha char chare charge charr che cher crag crare creagh ea each ear ech eh er era erg err gae gar gare garre gear gerah grace ha hae hag hare he hear her race racer rach rache rag rage rager rah rare re reach rear rec reg regar reh rhea